I have crafted strategic proposals for upcoming media campaigns for hundreds of assorted brands. From brainstorming initial concepts, to locking in the ideal media mix, to designing the final presentation deck, I've worked on each step of the process in bringing these ideas to life!

Here are a few proposal decks I've put together -

01 | discover the palm beaches

Discover the Palm Beaches challenged our team to create a potential plan for their annual awareness campaign. Our strategy included a mix of high impact media, influencer programs, and historical optimizations.

02 | pace salsa

To generate buzz for Pace Salsa's Taco Tuesday, we proposed an experiential taco-themed extravaganza, including a custom taco truck and pop up parties.

03 | farxiga

We built a robust targeting strategy and proposed custom video and rich media mobile units to drive type 2 diabetes patients and healthcare providers to learn more about this heart medication.

04 | volley

We built a unique influencer program to drive excitement among millennials for the release of Volley, an up-and-coming tequila seltzer.